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Beard Care Kit

Beard Care Kit

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Beard Care Kit for Men

Taming beards can be a tricky job, but not unless you have the perfect combination between beard oil and a comb to detangle your wild mess. Barba Beard Kit comes with the perfect mix of the two to make your life exponentially easier!

Barba Beard Kit will tame those wild whiskers with the 100% natural and organic beard oil that will soften and strengthen the beard, and the wood beard comb that will untangle the most stubborn knots in the large mess on your face. The two combined will make sure the oils penetrate the skin in the best way possible, making sure your beard looks and feels its best! 

Why use it?


  • Softens and detangles! Beard care has never been easier! Our specially formulated All-Natural Oil soothes your skin while softening your beard and the All-wood natural comb ensures the oils effectively absorb into the skin and deep into the follicles to make the magic work.
  • Reduces itchiness! All-Natural Beard Oil with All-wood natural comb makes a perfect combination to give you the ideal Beard care. The warp-resistant and anti-static comb helps deliver oil effectively to nourish the beard hair and soothe the skin beneath it, and helps you get rid of all those irritating itches permanently!
  • Moisturize and strengthen! Engineered with the best natural ingredients, our beard oil offers unmatched moisturizing oil and regular combing helps to strengthen your beard. Your beard will thank you for all your hardworking beard care habits.
  • A gift for the man in your life! Bearded bro? Proud papa? Just want a little sum-sum? Our kit is sure to score points with your beloved bearded man.


A Barba beard kit includes everything you need to keep your facial hair silky-smooth and looking great, from an oil designed to promote growth to a comb crafted to shape your wildest mane.


Your beard needs love too. Choose our Barba Beard Kit and put an end to beard itches, the embarrassment of unevenly grown beards, and all the discomfort that comes with having dry, coarse hair.

    Beard Oil Info

    Size: 1oz / 30ml dropper bottle

    Suggested Use: Daily in damp beard

    *Forbest results pair with our Wooden Beard Comb

    Key Benefits of Beard Oil

    • Promotes healthier beard growth and restores moisture levels for a softer texture.
    • Reduces inflammation, itching, and dandruff while smoothing out frizzy strands.
    • Soothes skin irritation while lightly scenting the hair with its natural styling agent properties.
    • Prevents ingrown hairs or cuts through anti-bacterial qualities.
    • Improves circulation in the scalp; replenishes moisture levels; stimulates hair follicles; minimizes breakage while providing nutrition for both the skin under the beard and encouraging optimum growth of new hairs too!

    Ships Same Day

    Our warehouse is always open and we'll get your package to you the same day.

    All-Natural Ingredients

    Argan, Jojoba, Grape Seed, Vitamin E

    Wood Combs vs Plastic Combs

    Wooden beard combs offer many advantages over plastic ones. They are more durable and last longer, don't create static, and distribute oil more evenly for a healthier, shinier look. Plus, they have a luxurious feel that plastic combs can't match. So if you want the best comb for your beard, go with wood!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 65 reviews
    Jeff Bryant
    save yout money

    took too long then the order was missing an item, sent CS an email requesting they full full my order 100% but crickets until this email to leave a review hit (?)

    Jeffery H.

    This product left my beard soft, comparable to most oils on the market. More importantly, it has a great smell. It's a very faint scent, which I prefer for something like this. I'm not very good at describing smells, but I'd call it sweet and a bit earthy.

    Jeffery H.
    This product left my beard

    This product left my beard soft, comparable to most oils on the market. More importantly, it has a great smell. It's a very faint scent, which I prefer for something like this. I'm not very good at describing smells, but I'd call it sweet and a bit earthy.

    Pam K.

    This product left my beard soft, comparable to most oils on the market. More importantly, it has a great smell. It's a very faint scent, which I prefer for something like this. I'm not very good at describing smells, but I'd call it sweet and a bit earthy.

    Harrison s.

    New to the beard scene. Excellent smell, not too strong just about right. Recommend and will order more.



    How long does a bottle last?

    If used daily, as recommended, this should last about 30 days. Longer beards will require more.

    How fast is shipping?

    Your product leaves our warehouse within 24hrs.

    Are these ingredients truly all-natural.


    Is this for all beard types?

    Yes - we formulated to be safe on for all skin & beard types.

    Beard oil is the key to a fuller, healthier beard.

    Barba Beard Co.'s all-natural beard oil is made with ingredients that help promote healthier beard growth while restoring moisture levels. It also reduces inflammation, itching, and dandruff while smoothing out frizzy strands and preventing ingrown hairs or cuts. Plus, it lightly scent the hair with its natural styling agent properties!

    You'll love how your beard feels after using our oil-smooth, soft, and healthy! Not to mention, it will be easier to style and look great without all of the frizziness.

    Try Barba Beard Oil out today!

    Beard, Better. 

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    You want to grow a beard, but don't know how to take care of it.

    Growing a beard is easy, but taking care of it is a different story. If you're not using the right products, your beard will quickly become dry and itchy.

    Barba Beard Co.'s all-natural beard oil is the solution for you! Our oil is perfect for keeping your facial hair healthy and hydrated, while also providing a fresh masculine scent that will last all day. So whether you're rocking a full beard or just starting to grow one out, make sure to add Barba Company's beard oil to your grooming routine!

    The Power of Beard Oil

    Beards are back and this time, they’re here to stay. But if you think that growing a beard is as simple as not shaving, you’ve got another thing coming. Just like your hair, your beard needs care and attention. And the best way to do that is by using high-quality beard oil—like Barba Beard Company’s line of products. Let's take a closer look at why it's so important.

    The Benefits of Using Beard Oil

    Beard oil does more than just make you look good (although it certainly helps with that!). It also has a number of practical benefits for anyone who’s growing facial hair. For one thing, using beard oil can help soften coarse facial hair and make it more manageable. This means less itchiness and fewer split ends—and no more dried up skin underneath your beard.

    Beard oil also helps keep your face moisturized and prevent flaky skin or dry patches from appearing. And if you have an especially long or thick beard, applying some oil can help reduce any flyaways or frizziness that might be caused by static electricity. Plus, many beard oils contain natural ingredients like vitamin E and essential oils, which can nourish your skin and promote healthy facial hair growth over time.
    It’s also worth noting that some beard oils come with added fragrances or scents to give you a little something extra while you’re out and about! We recommend Barba Beard Company's range of luxurious scented options for those looking to take their grooming game up a notch!

    Essential Tips for Applying Beard Oil

    If you want to get the most out of your beard oil, there are a few things you should keep in mind when applying it. To start with, use only a few drops at first—you can always add more later if necessary! Then rub the oil between your hands before applying it directly onto your beard from root to tip (don't forget about those mustache hairs!). Finally, brush or comb through your facial hair so that the product is evenly distributed throughout all of your hairs—this will help ensure that every single strand gets its fair share of nourishment!

    With Barba Beard Company's line of top-notch products, taking care of your facial hair has never been easier! Not only will our premium oils give you softer, shinier strands but they'll also provide essential nutrients to keep both your skin and beard hair healthy over time. So go ahead and give them a try—your face (and everyone else around) will thank you for it!