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What does beard oil do?

What does beard oil do?

Beards have been a major trend in the past few years and so it's only natural that guys want to care for their beard just as they do their hair. Beard oil is often used to tame the wild hairs on one's face while also providing deep conditioning and protection from UV rays, harsh winds or whatever else your skin might come into contact with during your day. Look no further than this article if you're looking for a good quality beard oil that will keep your facial hair looking healthy and shiny!

So you want to grow a beard? You're not alone. Plenty of men are joining the bearded ranks, and for good reason! There are plenty of benefits to be had from growing your hair out on your face--namely, increased testosterone levels. But there's more to it than that...beards can make you look older (in a good way), they help protect against UV rays, and they even have an effect on how others perceive us in professional settings. Still not convinced? Read this article for the full scoop!

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a type of oil that is often used to tame the wild hairs on one's face while also providing deep conditioning and protection from UV rays, harsh winds or whatever else your skin might come into contact with during your day.

How beard oil works

Beard oil is an oil that is applied to beard hair and scalp or skin underneath. It is often composed of natural oils and carrier oils such as jojoba, teatree, grape seed, coconut or argan oil. The beard oil prevents the beard from being dry and becoming brittle leaving flaky skin. Beard oil also keeps beard feeling smooth and shiny due to the natural oils which can be found in beard oil.

What beard oil do I need?

There are tons of beard oils out there, with many different brands claiming that they make the best beard oil. However, only some beard oils are created equal; there are tons of subpar beard oils on the market that don't live up to their claims. To make this task easier for you, we've made a list of beard oil reviews below! We hope they'll help you find one perfect for your needs...


Honest Amish - Classic Beard Oil

This company makes beard care easy by putting everything you need in one kit -- beard oil, beard balm, wash and more. Their beard oil includes jojoba seed, hemp seed and argan oil for softer hairs without weighing it down. The all-natural mix is made to condition your entire beard so it'll be soft enough to run fingers through but strong enough not just to stand up on its own. This product naturally contains Vitamin E to help beard hair grow in thicker.

View here


The Gentlemen's Beard Oil

This beard oil, made by Captain Fawcett , is designed to kill beard itch and leave your beard looking healthy. The all-natural formula has a beeswax base for conditioning, but is light enough to not make your beard greasy or heavy over time. It also includes olive oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil and jojoba seed oil to condition beard hair while leaving it smelling great with both lavender and sandalwood oils added in the mix. Beardoholic Premium Beard Oil - Unscented Blend

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Barba Beard Oil

Barba is designed to be beard oil but in its most natural form. It's made to nourish beard hair without weighing it down or causing beard flakes (beard dandruff). Barba offers both beard oils and beard balms, all-natural ingredients like almond oil, apricot kernel oil and beeswax that will condition your beard while leaving it smelling nice with lavender or sandalwood essential oils.

Grab yours here.

If you're sensitive to smells or just don't want anything masking your natural scent, this beard oil is for you. You won't have to worry about beard itch ever again, either--just a beard oil that gets the job done.

"I've tried many beard oils and was never really impressed by their performance until I created this beard oil. It not only makes my beard feel soft and healthy, but it keeps it feeling conditioned all day long." - Rob Reich


What makes a good beard oil?

There are many factors that can determine whether or not a particular beard oil is worth the money you pay for it. The first thing to consider is the smell. A good product will smell nice and manly, but not too overpowering! You don't want people running away from you because your cologne smells too strong! The second factor is whether the oil will actually do its job. A good product should moisturize your skin and tame your facial hair without making either feel greasy. Finally, consider the price of the product, considering you don't want to go broke in order to have a healthy beard.

What are some benefits of having a beard?

It may not be as obvious as you might think, but growing a beard has many benefits for those who choose to do so. First and foremost is the increase in testosterone levels that comes with having hair on your face. Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth and energy, which means that your facial hair will translate into a feeling of added strength and power! Not only that, but growing a beard can make you look older (but in a good way) which could potentially help you at work or even in the dating scene! Still not convinced? Check out this article for five more great reasons to grow your facial hair out today!


What does it mean when the skin under my beard becomes itchy?

First things first: if you experience an itchy or irritated feeling under your beard when you don't normally have any irritation there, you should visit a doctor. It could be nothing, but you want to rule out any medical conditions before moving forward.

The beard is skin that grows on the face and usually includes hair. Normally, beard hair has a beard oil for care as it has natural oils which will provide great beard care. When beard hair is not cared for properly, skin beneath, beard itchiness will happen. Beard itchiness comes from the skin beneath, beard and hair follicles, and can be dealt with by using beard oil; which is an all-natural product created to soothe beard itch without weighting beard down and making it greasy over time. Itchiness can also be caused by the dry scalp and beard dandruff. Treating this problem often needs medical attention to identify the cause of the itchiness before anti-dandruff treatment is used.

If you have sensitive skin, beard oil can provide relief without itchy, flaky beard. If it persists, please check beard oil ingredients and carrier oils with your dry skin specialist.


What can I expect my wife/girlfriends reaction to be if I grow a beard?

It's no secret that women tend to prefer men who are clean shaven over guys who rock the lumberjack look, but did you know that women actually find scruff sexy on their men? A recent study found that most women would rather date men with light stubble instead of heavy stubbling! Keep this in mind next time your girlfriend makes a strange face when you decide to grow a beard!

What does it mean if there's hair growing in my nose and ear?

Extra hair growth around your nose, ears, or other parts of your body can be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome (or PCOS), so if this is something you are experiencing, visit your doctor. The video gives more information about why this happens so pay close attention!

What are the benefits of beard oil and natural beard oil?

Beard oil is often used to tame the wild hairs on one's face while also providing deep conditioning and protection from UV rays, harsh winds or whatever else your skin might come into contact with during your day.

Natural beard oil benefits:

- beard oil absorbs into the beard quickly

- beard oil conditions the beard and prevents dryness from absorbing into the skin underneath

- beard oil is easy to apply

-helps your dry facial hair and can promote beard hair growth

Which oils should I look for?

-Jojoba oil is beneficial for beard growth

-Tea tree oil will help with beard itch and beard dandruff/beardruff

-Grapeseed oil will condition the beard and prevent beard dryness

-Coconut oil benefits beard health by keeping beards moisturized

-Argan oil is known as a great beard healer and provider of shine

-Lavender oil is known for beard growth

Beard oil's containing these: view more.

What is the best way to apply beard oil?

Beard oil should be applied daily to promote healthy growth. Watch the video for a full demonstration on how to use it effectively, or check out this article if you prefer written instructions!

How much beard oil you need to use will depend on the size and length of your beard. A little beard oil goes a long way, so start with a few drops and work your way up if needed.

Beard oil should be applied daily to promote healthy growth.


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