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What Are the Benefits of Using a Wooden Beard Comb?

If you're like most beard-loving men, you probably take great pride in your facial hair. They're masculine, strong, and, let's be honest—every bad dude on the planet has one.

A well-groomed beard can add a lot of character to your appearance. But if you want to keep your beard looking its best, you need the right tools. 

Not only is it a pain to have to constantly trim and style your beard, but if you're not using a quality comb, you could end up with an itchy, scraggly mess on your face. 

Wooden beard combs are created specifically for beards—and they come with many great benefits that keep your beard looking fantastic. 

Today, we'll reveal to you the benefits of using a wooden beard comb and how they're a much-need upgrade from your standard plastic comb.

Made For Beards

You should never settle for anything less than outstanding when it comes to your beard. And a wooden beard comb is undoubtedly the best of the best.

Brands often create cheap plastic combs using molds. The plastic teeth can come with jagged imperfections that snag your follicles and damage your beard.

Plastic combs aren't usually designed for beards. They're often too fine-toothed to be effective, and they can end up ripping out your beard hairs.

A wooden beard comb is a perfect tool for taming your wild facial hair. The wide teeth glide through even the thickest of beards, and they're much less likely to cause damage.

Plus, beard combs come in all shapes and sizes, so you'll always have an abundance of options to care for your distinct beard type.

Tough and Durable

A wood beard comb will endure through your toughest, most tangled beard combing sessions. They're made of durable, natural wood that is a superior alternative to weak plastic combs.

Our beard hair is much more coarse and thick than scalp hair, meaning you need a formidable tool that tames your facial follicles. Wooden combs won't snap in half after a few uses like flimsy plastic combs. And they don't require you to force your way through knots and tangles.

A wooden beard comb will be a trusty tool that you can rely on for years to come. And if you take care of your comb, it could even last you an entire lifetime.

Eliminates Static and Frizz

If you've ever used a plastic comb on your beard, you know that annoying static electricity can make your hair stand on end.

Plastic combs are one of the biggest culprits of frizz-ridden beards. And it doesn't matter how much beard oil you use---plastic combs make your beard appear frizzy, dry, and cause breakage.

If you're plagued by beard frizz, a wooden beard comb is your new best friend. Wooden combs don't create static, so you'll never have to worry about your beard looking anything less than perfect. 

Frizzy hair is also caused by a lack of moisture, but because wooden combs help evenly distribute your natural oils, they keep your beard hydrated and frizz-free. The wood absorbs your natural oils and redistributes them from your follicle roots to your tips.

Plus, if you use quality beard oil, this conditions your comb and leaves a nice shine on your comb.

Stimulates Hair Follicles

Using a wooden beard comb can help to stimulate your hair follicles, which promotes healthy growth. Plastic and metal combs can cause serious irritation on your face. This can lead to the dreaded beardruff that we all strive to avoid. And the last thing any of us want is a mangled, itchy beard.

Wood combs are different. The wide, smooth teeth massage your skin and stimulate your follicles without causing any irritation.

The wood will enhance the natural smoothness of your beard and reinforce your hair follicles. This also helps increase blood flow to your face, leaving your beard looking healthy and thick.

Visually Appealing 

When it comes to facial hair, many men are looking for something that is both stylish and functional. If you're one of those men, you'll want to consider using a wooden beard comb.

Not only are they great for maintaining your beard, but they're also beautiful hand-crafted products that work infinitely better than plastic combs.

Plastic combs offer little in the fashion department. The shoddy, synthetic material doesn't look good with anything--- they're bland, dysfunctional, and downright boring.

And to add insult to injury, they often come in tacky colors that do nothing to compliment your style. They're bad for your beard and bad for your look.

A hand-crafted wooden beard comb, on the other hand, is a stylish, practical tool that gives your entire wardrobe a masculine boost.

There's something about using a well-made, natural product that makes you feel more confident and primal as a man. But don't take our word for it. Pick one up for yourself and tell us otherwise.

Environmentally Friendly 

Not only are plastic combs bad for your beard, but they're also bad for the planet. Plastic combs use petroleum-based materials that can take thousands of years to degrade.

They fill up landfills, pollute our oceans, and damage our delicate ecosystems. These synthetic materials also release harmful toxins when they degrade, which can poison the wildlife that comes into contact with them.

One of the best things about wooden beard combs is that they're environmentally friendly. These combs are made from natural wood, and they can be reused or recycled when you're finished with them.

You could even use your old wooden combs to start a fire in an emergency---now that's multifunctional.

Shop At Barba For A Proper Wooden Beard Comb

Wooden beard combs offer a variety of benefits over plastic combs. They help to stimulate hair follicles, evenly distribute natural oils, and save our environment from harmful toxins.

If you're looking for a high-quality wooden beard comb, look no further than Barba. Our combs are made from premium sandalwood that delights the senses. 

We offer affordable wooden beard combs and beard oils to help you maintain a healthy, hydrated beard for years to come. So if you'd like to make the switch from plastic combs, shop our products today.

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