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Tips for Shaping Your Beard With a Beard Comb

Did you know that beards can grow as much as 0.5 mm every 24 hours? As your beard grows longer and longer, it will become more untamed and tangled. That's why shaping your beard with a beard comb is so important. 

If you don't trim, comb, and shape your beard on a regular basis, you might start to look more like a caveman rather than a cool and sophisticated man with a beard. But you shouldn't go at your beard with a wood beard comb if you've never used a beard comb before. If you do, you might be doing more harm than good when it comes to styling your beard. 

Keep reading and learn more about the art of beard shaping below.

Be Delicate

Beards can take a long time to grow. If you have an especially long beard, you know that it took months and months of growth to get it to that point and the last thing you want to do is for something to ruin your beard's integrity. For that reason, you will want to be delicate when combing your beard.

Using a wooden beard comb is a good start for several reasons. A wood beard comb won't create static and won't make your beard get any frizzier than it already is. It also is porous so it will be able to pick up your beard's natural oils and spread them across individual beard hairs so they will be healthier and more moisturized.

When you pick up your beard comb to brush your beard, you will want to brush your beard in the direction in which the hairs grow. If you brush against the grain, you risk making your beard especially frizzy and you might even end up tangling some of the hairs. Doing this will be easier if your beard is still relatively short. 

If you have a longer beard, you should not comb your beard in long strokes. Doing this may tear out individual strands of beard hair. You might not even know that you're removing hairs when you do this, but the consequences can include your beard becoming thinner and patchier.

Instead, try to use shorter strokes when brushing your beard. That way, you won't tear out any hairs and you will have more control when shaping the overall silhouette of your beard. This is especially true if you have a stubborn, bushy beard that doesn't like to bend into shape without a bit of encouragement. 

Trim and Shape

Split ends are a problem for both regular hair and beard hair. Once the ends of your hair become split, they will continue to split no matter what you do. This will eventually make your hair look frizzy, dull, and out of control. 

When it comes to your beard, split ends can make your beard look dry and unhealthy. Unfortunately, split ends are an inevitable problem. However, there is a way in which you can minimize the damage they cause: trimming.

Trimming is not only a great way to get rid of split ends but also shape your beard. If you haven't touched your beard in a while and let it run wild, you will likely see that the ends of the beard hairs are frizzy and wiry. While trimming your beard means that you will have to say goodbye to a bit of the beard's length, it will also mean that your beard will look healthier and fuller than ever before. 

To trim and shape your beard, you will need to bring out the beard comb again. Remember to comb in the direction of the beard growth, but don't pull too hard on the beard, otherwise, the trimming might end up uneven. Instead, you will want to lightly pull on the beard so most of the hairs are lined up. 

Then, use your clippers to trim the shape you want your beard to have. Many men like to trim the bottom of their beards so they have a gentle curve that shapes the bottom of their faces. Other men might prefer the bottoms of their bears to look more square or rectangular. 

For more precise shaping, you will have to be more careful with the clippers and the comb, otherwise, your beard might look choppy. 


If your beard is dry and unhealthy, it's not going to want to be shaped even with all of your combing and trimming efforts. That's why keeping your beard healthy and moisturized is so important. While your beard does produce its own oils, those oils might not be enough to moisturize your entire beard, especially if your beard is very long. 

To solve this problem, you will want to go to the store and find a good beard oil or beard conditioner. You will want to apply the beard oil while your beard is dry and you usually only need a few drops spread across your hands. By applying beard oil to your beard every day and spreading the oil with a wooden comb, the beard hairs will become softer and more malleable.

Eventually, you will be able to shape your beard in whatever way you see fit and you won't have to worry about breaking or pulling out strands of beard hair. Your beard will also take on a shiny and moisturized new sheen. What else could you ask for?

Shaping Your Beard With a Beard Comb

A wood beard comb is an essential tool for every person who has a beard. It is ideal not only for shaping your beard but spreading important oils across the beard hairs so your beard stays shiny and healthy. 

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