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How to Care for Your Beard: 6 Tips

How to Care for Your Beard: 6 Tips

Beards have become a trend! Men everywhere are sporting their beards, caring for them, and using beard oils to ensure that they look great. There are many benefits to growing a beard, but keeping it healthy and looking great requires some work. If you want to care for your beard the right way then start with these tips.

Here are 6 tips for caring for your beard:

Keep the Beard Clean

Use gentle shampoo or special beard soap without dyes or fragrances that can irritate the skin beneath the facial hair - dirt, debris, food particles etc will travel down into the pores where they can cause irritation and acne. For best results wash with warm water before applying shampoo/soap then rinse thoroughly afterwards; repeat if necessary to remove excess oil from face & neck area (you might need more than one application depending on how much scruff you’re sporting). If washing isn’t an option due to limited access to water, simply wet your fingers and run them through beard hair as this will remove some of the excess oil.

Moisturize with Beard Oil.

Beard oil is one of the best things that has happened for men with facial hair since… well, ever! Beard oil will hydrate and condition your beard without leaving behind any greasy residue or weighing it down. Regular applications throughout the day are necessary in order to reap all these benefits from this magical product!​ Be sure not to use too much at once though because while most oils absorb quickly into skin and hair follicles, some can take a little time before they're completely absorbed—and therefore may leave a shiny appearance on certain parts of your face (which isn't always desirable You should apply only three drops of beard oil for a soft and hydrated beard. Try our beard oil today!

Trim Regularly

Using Professional Scissors & Guides if Needed: always trim over comb holding at 90 degree angle to face, snip off small amounts from underneath first then gradually do more depending on how much length you want. When beginning to style beard it’s advisable not to take too much off at once; rather, wait until beard is at desired length then maintain with regular trims. We recommend this trimmer from Beardscape . It's cordless and rechargeable - perfect for keeping everything clean-cut while traveling. You'll never go back to a beard trimmer with a cord. It also has adjustable settings so you can create different lengths depending on what looks best with your hairstyle!

Wood Comb

Use a comb with larger teeth than normal after the shower while hair is damp to avoid breakage during styling later on in the day (if you style). For shorter beards, use smaller tooth combs more often throughout the day to shape and define the edges of facial hair. Get an all-natural wooden comb like this one  and never use plastic combs again (we've been there, and it's not pretty). Plastic combs can actually make your hair frizzy because they produce static electricity! You can also try using a boar bristle brush to help distribute the oils in your facial hair down the shaft of each strand. This is perfect for those who want their beard to look healthy and shiny. Try our all-wood natural comb.

Be patient!

It takes weeks before you will start seeing results from any vitamins or oils so don't expect overnight miracles when it comes to your facial hair health. You may even need up to three months before you see good results depending on genetics, how often you wash etc.

When in doubt, see a pro!

Keep Beard Under Control: follow our guide on how best to style a beard depending on which type you want (check out our blog for more information). If your facial hair has grown longer than what you’re used to it can take some getting used too – try shaping around chin & jawline first then work upwards from there until the desired shape is achieved. Remember, if in doubt talk with barber or stylist. They are trained professionals who know good practices when styling beards so don’t hesitate asking them any questions that might come up. We'd also love to offer our help as well as we're all going through this bearded journey together!

With these 11 tips on how to care for your beard, you'll be a regular George Clooney in no time. Take care of your beard fellas, they'll be glad you did. #beardbetter

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