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Do Beard Oils Actually Work?

The question that men of generations have argued over and stayed up at night thinking about: do beard products and oils actually work? There are multiple products and an entire industry touting the miracles of beard growth through the use of specialized formulas and ingredients. Does it actually work though? We see the marketing and the rugged aesthetic of beard products, but is there actually some truth to all the claims?    
Beard oil is proven to work, and it is scientifically proven that you will encourage hair growth, generate more volume, and smell fantastic.
However, it is in even more ways than you thought, so rest assured, that the next time the conversation comes up – you are ready to show off your beard knowledge expertise anywhere and anytime. Plus, your voluminous, healthy beard as well.

The Itch

The dreaded itch. A main reason as to why men devoutly search for razors and schedule their shaves is due to the infamous itch. This is primarily due to the new growth of the hairs which are growing with a sharp point at the end, and in an ironic way, the sharp points are actually created by shaving. When hair growth is occurring, the hair can often become tangled or break with results in these sharp edges stabbing your skin in hundreds of different places. The result: discomfort and annoyance.  
To end this dreaded cycle, beard oils can be used as a solution. With the right products, beard oils can hold natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce irritation and help prevent bacterial problems. Even more, beard oils help to soften the hair growth which also helps with skin dryness, flakiness, and even more itching. We will get more into the specific oils later on, but in general, oils and natural remedies are proven to work. With a natural beard oil or balm, Mother Nature will be on your side.
Essential oils and Carrier oils are designed to bring moisture through pure ingredients to everything they touch, so your skin and your beard should be feeling revitalized and strong. While there are many different varieties, the result is about that dreaded itch and its final defeat on the bearded playing field.

Vitamins and Growth

Quality beard oils hold ingredients that are designed to improve skin and hair quality in a combined force of nature. Nature, being the key word, means that beard products should have vitamins that are known and respected for encouraging hair growth. Products such as Almond oil, Argan oil, and overall Vitamin E are proven to exfoliate hair follicles to reduce split ends and breakage.
It is vital for quality growth to have a reduction of split ends and breakage, as one hair lost is one hair too many. With soft, hydrated hair and skin, beard products work to end breakage and encourage the full potential of growth.
For example, Vitamin E has been noted by a study at Oregon State University with the results: "Following topical application, vitamin E accumulates not only in cell membranes but also in the extracellular lipid matrix of the stratum corneum, where vitamin E adds to the antioxidant defenses." What does this mean in our language? Vitamin E encourages beard growth and overall healthiness. It is basically taking a multi-vitamin with the promise of healthiness, but for your beard. Who wouldn’t take that?
Vitamin E is an absolute superstar of the bearded playing field, and Mother Nature should be allowed to do her job for your confidence, healthiness, and growth journey.

The Gratification

It is not a scientific fact, but we are willing to argue that quality beard oil with natural ingredients is one of the best products on this planet. The smell, the cooling feel, and the excitement of going through your day with confidence is a major player in why we do what we do. With beard oils, you are able to build your own personal collection with your own personal style that benefits your body and your mind. Confidence is key in this world, and a healthy beard is a great step in the right direction.
Besides the excitement of finding products that work for you, essential oils are found in beard products which all hold their own special properties to help men in the growth journeys. There is a wide variety of them that are commonly used, and they can help prevent bacteria, reduce acne, clean your skin, hydrate (did we mention to hydrate again?), rid the beardruff, and act like an aftershave.
However, the best part of all of it: the scents. Essential oils are natural colognes that perfectly complement a natural, attractive scent all throughout the day. By that reasoning, beard oils should be paired with your regular, daily cologne or deodorant. If you smell good everywhere, why not smell especially great on your main feature: a robust, voluminous beard.

The Diversity

Men, of all ages and beard stages, have different problems with their growth and maintenance of their own beards. The most common problems can include the dreaded itch, dry skin, flakiness, beard acne, brittle hair, or a lack of robustness. So, growing a beard can create quite a bit of issues and both the experienced and new men, but beard products and oils are designed to address all of these issues in a singular bottle.
If you had a magic serum that is known to help solve all of your ailments, would you take it? If it was an all-natural product made from nature itself with no additives, would you hesitate? If beard oil is known and proven to address all of these issues in one amazingly scented bottle, would you not rid yourself of the itch and the dryness?
Beard oil moisturizes, cleanses, and tames brittle hair growth. The products are designed to hold what are known as ‘Carrier oils.’ which make up the majority of the total ingredients in the bottle. These act as a diluting agent to remove any harshness and encourage complete comfort for all users to reduce reactions to essential oils and encourage consistent use. Some of the primary oils that manufacturers use is calming agents with natural properties such as Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Sweet Almond, Coconut, and Hazelnut. These all differ with some oils being best for dry climates, while others prevent aging and reduce wrinkles. All of the Carrier oils hold their own, special properties that create the ability for all men in all areas to find the exact oil for their own needs. Whether you live in the Sahara Desert or in the Rocky Mountains, beard oils are designed to match every environment and every feat – everywhere.

The End Result

A fantastic beard with moisturized (yes, we will never stop talking about the need to moisturize) skin and hair. Beard oil is proven to work, and it is scientifically proven that you will encourage hair growth, generate more volume, and smell fantastic (it is a fact), by using quality products. Beard growth comes down to a science, and science has proven that essential oils and vitamins are needed to prevent brittle hair breaking, split ends, and dryness. Beard products are a balm to all problems by both young and old, and everyone deserves a healthy beard with confidence in their growth and maintenance.
As we said, confidence is key, and a healthy beard is a perfect step to health, satisfaction, and smelling absolutely fantastic. Plus, hydration.
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