Beard Care Tips: What You Need to Know

Beard Care Tips: What You Need to Know

Almost three-quarters of American men say their facial hair makes them feel more attractive, and they are not wrong. Beards are sexy, and you are sexy if you have a clean and well-maintained beard. It could be our bias coming through in our writing, but you should at least make sure you feel that way. 

One of the best ways to make sure you feel confident in your looks is by ensuring your beard care regime is top-notch. As such, below we have listed several of the most common ways you can go about keeping your face perfect. Try adding these to your daily beard maintenance.

Clean Your Beard Regularly

You need to keep your beard clean to ensure it is both healthy and attractive to you and others. This can be a regular part of your cleansing ritual every day, and prevent harm from coming to your facial hair.

To clean your beard well, we recommend you follow these simple steps.

Use beard shampoo. Shampoos designed for beards are different from others, so you should find one made for your face instead of your head. This will ensure it will not dry out the beard and skin or otherwise cause harm.

Rinse well. After applying beard shampoo, make sure you put enough water through the beard to remove all the products you have massaged through the hair.

Be careful. When you use these products, try not to over-wash as this could strip the hair of its natural oils.

Condition your hair. Beard grooming is not only a case of washing it. Use a beard conditioner, or beard oil, to ensure it traps a good amount of protective moisture within it.

Beard brush. Last of all, you want to allow your beard to look good. Brush out any tangles using a wooden comb, and this will also ensure any oil is well-distributed to keep your beard healthy.

Oil Up

As mentioned above, conditioner or oil is an important part of beard maintenance. Not only does it trap moisture in the hair itself, but it also works to soften the skin underneath the beard, keeping the whole area healthy.

Using oil also makes it much easier to handle the beard itself. A little bit through the hair allows you to either comb or shape your facial hair to get the look you want. It can also add a beautiful shine to the whole region, lighting up your face and giving you a more positive countenance.

Gently Dry

After washing your beard, it is very normal for men to rub their face with a towel like they are trying to remove tar. You do not need to do this, and it can damage every hair in the area from friction.

Instead, pat the area down with a soft towel. This will dry most of the moisture off the area, allowing the rest to dry by itself. If you need to, you can choose to blow-dry your beard, but that is not necessary.

Trim Often

Your beard does not all grow at the same rate, and some hairs will fall out now and then.

As such, this beard guide recommends you trim your beard regularly. This will help you keep it manageable and ensure you can shape it the same way every time.

Hydrate Your Whole Body

Taking care of your beard means not only paying attention to that one part of your body. One of the best beard care tips we have is to be aware that your beard's state will be a reflection of the rest of your health.

Make sure you practice a healthy lifestyle in general. Eat a variety of different foods if you can, and ensure you hydrate. It is, after all, the rest of your body that creates the beard itself.

By keeping your whole body healthy, you can have more of an assurance this health will reflect in your face's growth.

Beware of the Sun

As far as beard grooming tips come, suggesting people are aware of the sun is not a common one. Still, much like the rest of your body, overexposure to the sun's rays can cause harm to your hair, even that on your head.

When looking for beard balms for hot, sunny days, try to find ones with SPF protection. If your preferred choice does not have sun protection, go for a hat instead.

Do Not Neglect the 'Stache

When looking after the beard, remember your mustache is both a part of the face and made of very similar hair to the rest of the beard. Thus, when combing oil through, do not neglect this area.

Your mustache is one of the places you can use to shape and give yourself a signature style. Thus, you must keep it in as good a condition as the rest of the facial hair.

Massage Your Face

When you have given the area a good clean, and when you are applying products to your face, remember to massage the area of your beard. This not only feels good but can also increase the circulation of blood around your face. Such an increase in blood flow can help your facial hair growth, promoting the creation of healthy hair.

On top of that, it can also be a relaxing activity. Massaging one's beard can reduce stress and tension in your body.

Improve Your Beard Care Regime Further

This blog should have given you all the tips you need to ensure your beard care is perfect for you. Still, you might need some extra tips, or even some products to help you on the road to the perfect beard you want. For that reason, you should check out our site.

We are experts in beard care and maintenance, and both our blog and beard care supplies should have everything you need. So, check out our shop today to tame that face of fuzz.

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