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Beard Care for Black Men: A Beginner's Guide

Did you know that the first black barber college in the US opened in 1934? Even before that, black men across the country were refining their hair and beard treatments, creating their own unique styles.

As we moved into the modern era, information about beard care became even more readily available online. But all this advice can cause more confusion!

What actually are the best products and methods for black men’s beard care? One thing’s for sure – it’s not the modern, chemical-filled treatments drugstores pump out.

Read on for our top tips on how to grow, care for, and naturally maintain your beard in 2022.

Start the Process With the Professionals

Many choose to begin their beard journey by visiting a barber. This helps you get started with an expertly-shaped beard. Then all you have to do is maintain it.

A barber can show you what shapes and styles suit your face, and which products you should use. But one of our top tips is still to take pictures with you. This shows your barber what style you have in mind, ensuring you can communicate your vision.

Once your trim is over, ask your barber for beard maintenance advice. Black men's beard care can be more complicated, as ingrown hairs are more common. Depending on your style and hair type, your barber can recommend the best products and methods for good maintenance.

Black Men’s Beard Care At Home

Now you have the perfect style, your main task is upkeep. Beard care for black men is not just about the look. It’s about keeping the beard healthy so it naturally looks its best.

To do that, you need the right products, tools, and methods.

Cleansing Tips

One of the worst mistakes you can make is using a normal hair shampoo on your beard. They’re not designed to care for beards or the skin underneath. They'll dry out your hair and skin, ruining your beard.

Instead, find a beard-specific cleanser. And make sure the ingredients are all-natural and free from harsh chemicals.

Moisturizing Techniques

Once your beard is clean, you need to keep it moisturized. Beard oil is the best product for this, as it restores any moisture lost in the cleansing process.

Again, make sure to steer clear of any harsh chemicals. They may seem to work at first, but will damage your beard and skin in the long run. For the best results, choose a beard oil made entirely from natural ingredients.

To apply your beard oil, start by rubbing a few drops between your hands. Then run the product through your beard from the root. Finally, brush it through with a beard comb so the product is evenly distributed. 

Brushing Benefits

Beard grooming with a comb helps it to always look its best. Even better, it can promote beard growth. Brushing your beard in the right direction untangles it, encouraging the hairs to keep growing in the right direction.

Wooden combs are the best beard tools for proper maintenance. They distribute products evenly throughout the beard. But they don’t make your hair go static, keeping your beard looking smooth.

Lifestyle Tips for Beard Maintenance

Caring for your beard involves more than moisturizer and good combs. Your lifestyle can also have an impact on how well your beard grows over time. Here are the top four changes you can make for a healthier-looking beard.

1. Eat the Best Diet for Beard Health

The diet you choose to eat determines which vitamins your body receives. That means you can make conscious food choices that will help your beard. 


Protein is essential for thick, nourished hair. Add more protein to your diet by eating meat, fish, eggs, and protein-rich dairy products.

Healthy Fats

Helping with hydration, healthy fats are important for your hair and skin. Specifically, Omega-3 fatty acids will prevent your hair from breaking too easily. Find these nutrients in fatty fish, nuts, and plant oils.


Vitamins A, C, and E are some of the best for a healthy beard. They help your skin and hair stay in their best possible condition.

These vitamins all occur naturally in many foods. But the best combination is found in carrots, oranges, pomelo, and grapefruit.

2. Hydrate

Drinking enough water is one of the most common health tips out there. While it’s essential for overall health, one of the areas it impacts most directly is the skin. Dehydration wreaks havoc on the skin, including the skin under your beard.

If the skin under your beard is struggling, your beard won’t stay in good condition. It’ll become more prone to ingrown hairs and patchy growth. So drink enough water to ensure your beard and the skin underneath stay healthy and hydrated.

3. Trigger the Right Hormones

Your lifestyle has a significant impact on your hormones, which in turn affects your body. For a healthy beard, hormones such as testosterone are essential. It encourages growth to keep your beard looking good over time.

How can you trigger increased testosterone levels in the body? The simplest trick is exercise. Hit the gym or start a workout routine at home to boost your testosterone levels.

Other hormones, though, can hinder beard growth. The stress hormone cortisol, for example, reduces testosterone levels. So finding ways to keep your stress levels low ensures your beard stays fresh.

4. Get Enough Rest

Getting enough sleep is a good baseline for healthy hair and skin. But even more specifically, not getting enough rest reduces your testosterone levels. Therefore, it will inhibit healthy beard growth.

To keep your beard in its best condition, stay well rested.

Best Products for Black Men's Beard Care

Black men’s beard care comes down to using the right products. Only with the best beard oil and combs can you keep your hair tangle free and growing healthily.

At Barba Beard Company, our philosophy revolves around natural ingredients. Our oil is designed to keep your hair hydrated without any chemical shortcuts. And our wooden combs help even the thickest hair thrive.

Take a look at our online store today to discover the best products for your beard.

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