8 Best Beard Styles for Men (2023)

8 Best Beard Styles for Men (2023)

Around 44% of men worldwide have beards. Growing a beard can be a great way to change your style and embrace your masculinity. But letting your beard grow haphazardly can make you look somewhat crazy. 

You can try many beard styles to keep your beard in good shape. But where should you start? What are the best beard styles for your face shape and complexion? 

Keep reading and learn more about it with this beard style guide. 

1. The Rounded Beard

A rounded beard style can be of any length. The goal is to round out the edges of the beard. This keeps the beard very symmetrical and smooth. 

It also removes any stray beard hairs that may otherwise make your beard look scraggly and dry. Short, rounded beards are great for those who are unable to grow very long or full beards. 

Keeping the edges of your beard trimmed and rounded makes the beard appear thicker. It is also ideal for various face shapes. If your face is square or diamond-shaped, this is a great beard for you. 

It will soften the sharp lines on your face and make your complexion look more balanced. But beware of this beard style type if you have a round face. This will make your face look more round. 

2. The Boxy Beard

The boxy beard is more of an assertive look. This style can also be for beards of any length. Many men like to go for a short, boxy beard. 

This requires you to trim your beard close to your jawline. This helps frame your face and can give you more of a chiseled look. It also emphasizes your chin, whether or not you have a strong chin. 

This style is great for men with round faces. It can make your face look more defined and sharp. It is also ideal for men with weak chins. 

It fills out the area around the jaw and chin. This will give anyone a more masculine and rugged look. It also keeps your beard looking full and healthy.

3. The Business Beard

Beards are starting to re-enter the business world after a long hiatus. Business beards are more put-together compared to your average beard. They are often trimmed very close to the face.

This ensures that the beard doesn't look scraggly, dry, or crazy. It instead gives off a very professional and collected vibe. But this beard is not for those who have patchy facial hair. 

This short beard is best for those who don't have a problem growing a full beard. This look may look patchy and strange otherwise. This beard also requires more maintenance than average. 

You'll need to make sure that your beard hairs are aligned, moisturized, and trimmed

4. The Viking Beard

You can go all-out with the Viking beard. This is for men who want to look wild and rugged. The Viking beard is also known as the lumberjack beard. 

The name alone tells you that this beard is long and unhinged. But this doesn't mean that your beard should be scraggly, knotted, and dry. It is still important to give your beard a trim here and there to keep it healthy and shapely. 

It is also important to moisturize long beards. Your beard might start looking thin and brittle otherwise. Anyone can rock this beard as long as they can grow their beard hair long enough. 

It is also a great style to keep your face warm in cold weather. But this is also a beard that efficiently traps food crumbs, so make sure your beard is clean before going out.

5. The Beardstache

Do you want a mustache or a beard? If you can't decide, opt for a beardstache. This beard is very similar to the beards men wore in the 1800s. 

Pictures of men back then featured very well-groomed and styled beard/mustache combinations. The mustache often had a slight curl on each end accomplished with a dab of wax or pomade. 

These beards are several inches long and trimmed into a full, bushy shape. It is a very distinguished look. 

6. The Faded Beard

The faded beard is ideal if you don't want your beard to grow out of control. The sides of the beard near your sideburns are cut very close to the face. The rest of the beard is left to grow long. 

This ensures that the sides of your beard don't fluff out from your face in an abnormal way. It also gives your beard a more modern style. 

7. Scruff

Sometimes you don't want to commit to a whole beard, and that's okay. Scruff is ideal if you don't want a full beard but want something more than a 5 o'clock shadow. It is great for framing the face and adding to the sharpness of your features. 

Scruff is also easy to take care of since you can shave or trim it if it gets too long.

8. The Goatee 

A goatee is a very stylish type of facial hair. It is usually short, but some men like to grow long goatees. 

It is important to keep it trimmed and voluminous; otherwise, it will look scraggly and unhealthy. 

All about Beard Styles in 2023

There are many popular beard styles you can try in 2023. Some are best for certain face shapes, while others are great for all men. Some are very maintained and collected, like the business beard, while others are wilder, like the Viking beard. 

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