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Understanding Beard Oil Benefits

Proper grooming of your beards using the right products is important to improving your overall look and style. 

Taking good care of your beard should be among your top routines and it should be carried out with the use of high quality and purely refined oils commonly referred to as beard oils.


A beard oil is a liquid-oil based product that is applied to the beard area either for enhancing hair growth or stimulation, skin maintenance, prevention of hair breakages, etc.


For you to understand better the benefits in the application of oil to your beards, we have come up with a brief crash course on what goes on beneath your skin.


Beneath areas covered by hair on your body is a tiny exocrine gland known as the sebaceous gland whose main function is to secrete an oily and waxy substance called Sebum.


Sebum primarily functions in providing sufficient lubrication and vital nutrients to your beards.


When your sebaceous gland is not producing enough sebum to cater for your skin and hair needs, the surrounding area becomes fragile, dry and flaky. This makes you feel discomfort, irritation and itchy.


Because there is no sufficient hydration or moisture, the connection between your skin and hair weakens, therefore causing hair loss and breakages.


This means that instead of you having a full healthy and well-nourished beard, which is supposed to protect the lower part of your face and chin from various harsh environmental elements, becomes scanty and thin. The exposed area becomes more vulnerable to loss of moisture and dry out.


Beards are one way your skin tries to reduce the amount of direct ultraviolet rays from the sun and goes the extra length to promote its growth by secreting hair-loving substances.


Therefore, it is necessary for you to play your part in boosting beard growth by using the right products such as oils.


Beard oil lightens the load on your sebaceous glands and prevents it from being stressed out since it can only secrete a minimal amount of sebum at a time.


If you are hoping to keep and maintain a healthy-looking beard to give you that bad boy yet the subtle image that makes the ladies go Gaga, then you need to purchase a product that contains either one or more of the following ingredients;


Sandalwood Extract

The essential oil obtained from Sandalwood promotes hair growth by stimulating an increase in the flow of blood to your hair region. Extract from sandalwood also prevents dryness and enhance shine when applied to your beards. This wonder-working oil also has a positive effect in treating Hyperseborrhea which is the excess secretion of sebum from the sebaceous gland.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is a plant-based extracted from the kernel seeds of Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) that is Native to the North African region. Argan Oil is rich in and contains a high concentration of vitamin E.
Vitamin E is an effective and highly potent constituent for the restoration of hair strands, protection of hair follicle layers, strengthening of hair strands, increase in hair shine and improve all-around appearance of your beards.
Argan Oil helps to make your beards look fuller without frizz. Because it increases hair shine and restores hair growth, it makes your beard appear softer and healthy.


Hey! Guess what else is not only great as a drink? You betcha. Your Beards! Apparently, Oranges are not only terrific as a snack or fruit drink but also in your beard oil. The peels, juice, and shavings from the orange fruit are rich in vitamin C that will put a halt to hair loss and facilitate hair growth. Extracts from oranges will also leave you smelling fruity and fragrant all day long.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba lubricant with it's antifungal, antibacterial and anti-dandruff properties is very similar in nature to sebum produced by our sebaceous gland and thus acts as a hydrating and lubricating substance when applied to your beards.
As a natural moisturizer jojoba oil penetrates deep into your hair follicle to
acts as a protective covering, preventing it from drying out and becoming prone to breakage.


Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed oil is gotten through the hard pressing of the seeds from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa L.)
This oil is one of the most useful and effective natural oils due to its unique blend of lipids, essential fatty acids and vitamin E that is vital for the growth and development of strong and healthy hair strands, thereby giving your beards a luscious and silky look.
The benefits of using beard oil enriched with hemp seed oil include;
  • Improves your hair structure: The essential fatty acid content of hemp seed oil highly favors the formation of keratin which makes the hair stronger giving it a more defined structure and form.
  • Retention of water and protein: Hemp Seed oil comprises of gamma-linoleic acid (GMA) which plays a crucial role in the retention of fluid and protein in the hair strands.
  • Softens Hair: The presence of vitamin E and fatty acids in Hemp Seed oil allows for soothing action when applied. This allows your hair to remain hydrated with a soft feeling all day long.
  • Improves Hair elasticity: Hemp Seed oil has proven to be effective in improving the texture and quality of your hair. Its use makes your hair strands to feel supple and elastic.


Beard oil is one of those male grooming items that most gentlemen are skeptical about. But with more information and testimonials over its use, it is gaining popularity at a rapid rate in the male grooming sphere as a must-have essential. With this increase in use comes some common questions such as;

When should you start using beard oil?


You can start applying beard oil the moment you decide you want to grow any type of facial hair. Beard oils are formulated not just for the hair but also the skin underneath. It prepares the skin as the base on which the hair will grow. By the time your beards start coming out, you might feel some irritation and itching. Using beard oil helps to curb and prevent such an occurrence.

How much beard oil should you apply?

The amount of oil you apply to your beard area will depend on the manufacturer's directions for use. But most times you just need to apply three to four drops daily to your beards.
It doesn't cost much to join the Beard Gang just grab the right oil and feed those boys!
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